How-To “TBL”

Welcome to the Official TBL “How-To” page, here you will find everything you need to be able to join in on the fun! It might look all very confusing at first but trust me.. it’s stoner friendly!


Lets start off with our Twitch Chat Minigames!

We have a few Minigames in the Chat to play! ALL minigames accept “Nug” Tokens. Lurking and getting involved in the community is the fastest way to gain Nugs

!bank – View your Hours / Total Bank Amount
!luck – +1 Luck
!give NAME AMOUNT – Give another member some Nugs! (Costs 420 Nugs to Give)
!smoke NAME – 1 v 1 Smoke Offs (Costs 2000 Nugs)
!fish – Monthly Fishing Competition (Try and claim that #1 spot) 315 Second Cooldown
!Fishboard – Links you to the TBL FishBoard (LINK)
!top / !top10 – Shows the Nug Leaderboard
!gamble AMOUNT – (max 9m, If you Roll 710 you win the JACKPOT!) 150 Second Cooldown
!gamble nugjar – (Shows total Jackpot, 7% of Loses goes into Pot)
!heist AMOUNT – Bank Heist! (max 10m TOTALLY RANDOM) 10 Minute Cooldown
!grow – Chat Growing Competition! (Try and claim that #1 Spot!) 720 Second Cooldown
!growboard – Links you to the TBL Growboard (LINK)

Stream Visuals

Interactive Virtual Grow Commands & Redemptions

To Control the different equipment on the Twitch Grows Scene you need to use your “Bud Coins” aka Channel Points. You gain these coins by Lurking and interacting in Chat!


Commands : 

  • !growstrain – Displays the Current Strain Growing
  • !twitchgrows – Changes to the Twitch Grows Camera
  • !zoom – Zooms up on the Twitch Grows Plant

Side Bar Displays all the active cooldowns, last usage & current day.

Real Time LIVE Data Powered by Pulse Grows Displaying Soil & Environment.

Discord Log Chat



🎥 Camera Commands :

!flower – Flower room CAM

!outdoor3 – Outdoor 3 Camera (Bird Feeder Cam)

!veg – VEG room CAM

!outdoor2 – Outdoor2 Zoom Cam

!greenhouse –Interior Greenhouse Camera

!outdoor – Outdoor1 Camera

!pets – Full screen Aquarium Cam (!tank2 to view the 55 gallon)

!Tiki – Pop up Parrot Cam


Twitch Channel Points -> Discord Role Redemption

This is what we call our achievement or vest system here in TBL. All you have to do you is lurk & join in on the daily interaction in the Twitch Chat. Once you’ve collected enough Bud coins to purchase a Discord role, use the Twitch Redemption feature and we will update your Discord Profile!

Level 1 -> Level 2 Roles

Bonus / Final Roles

Extra Bud Coin Fun!

What your Collected Roles look like in Discord : 

Channel Point Earning Rates : 

🎛️ Twitch Sound Commands  :

!wanna – Your Wanna get high?

!yall – Y’all wanna take a dab?

!packit – TBL PACK IT UP!

!420 – 420 Blaze it!

!gripit – Fuck boys, just grip it and rip it.

!dairy – MOOO!!

!2weeks – Er 2 weeks

!710 – 710 DAB IT!

!banana – Oh Banana nanana

!banger – TBL BANGER

!better – JUST BETTER

!later – LATER BUDDY





!sucks – DEREK SUCKS

!taco – TACO TIME

!terps – I don’t speak english I speak terpanese
!yo – YOYOYO

!rogers – LOL

stoned – STONED

!zoeybadass – ZOEY IS THE

!lit – Hey TBL, Time to get LIT

!badbish – Imma bad bitch!

!fabulous – I feel fabulous!



Twitch Chat Commands :

!weather – Pops up the Local Weather on Outdoor Cameras.
!socials – Links all Social Media Accounts
!videos – All Derk Mids Saved VODS
!forum – Links to TBL Forum
!bong USERNAME – Passes the Bong
!charity – Links to Current Charity INFO
!chill USERNAME – When someone just needs to take a chill pill
!clip – Makes a Clip of the stream!
!replay – Replays the last 30 seconds in a Popup!
!coffee – Virtual Coffee
!conflict – TBL Is a Positive Safe Message
!coupons – Lists Current Active Coupons
!dab – Tells everyone you are Dabbin!
!roll – Tell everyone you are rolling a blunt!

!doink – Doink after doink after doink.
!edible – Tell everyone you are eatin a edible!
!enail – Tell everyone you are hitting the enail!
!fistbump – Fist pops up on stream.
!followage – Shows how long you’ve been following for.
!giveaway – Current Giveaway Info
!merch – Link to TBL Shop
!hotbox – Fills screen with smoke.
!joke – Dad Joke
!lunch – Virtual LUNCH!
!lurk – Lets everyone no you are LURKING
!pass USERNAME – Pass the Joint!
!rig USERNAME – Pass the Rig!

!prime – Prime Sub Info
!stickers – Link to TBL Stickers

Cannabis Content Commands:

!cloning – TBL Cloning Video
!fim – TBL Fimming Cannabis Guide
!gaia – TBL Feeding Schedule
!gardenbowl – Video
!glands – video
!howto – A list of some basic growing supplies
!issues – Cannabis Deficiency Charts / Pictures

!kotaku – Article about TBL
!nutrients – List of Basic Nutrients
!vpd – VPD Chart
!ph – PH Info
!press – 10 Ton Press INFO
!planthelp –Deficiency Chart
!setup – Current Setup Page


Twitch DJ Commands :

!sr YOUTUBE LINK – Requests the Song (Max 3 Requests at a time)
!wrongsong – Removes last song
!skip – NEED 3 SKIPS
!song – Current Song

!lastsong – Shows Last Song Played
!songlist – Full Song List


No Hardcore Metal “Screamo”
No Troll Songs
1 Song Replay per Hour
Follow the Mood of the chat
Chat Mods are allowed to VETO Inappropriate music

Extra Twitch Chat Emotes:

To See the Extra addon Emotes, Download the two Browser extensions below!

Discord Temp Voice Channel

To Unlock Temp VC you need to be a Twitch Sub or Discord Booster

To create your own Voice Channel, Look for the channel in the discord called “Start your Own Voice”. When you are ready to talk, click that channel & it will automatically create your own personal Temp VC. There are a few commands that work in the newly created VC Text channel below is the Interface you will see!

To use a Command simply type the command line in your Text channel or Click one of the Green Icons shown above in your Interface to be given more options.

**Kick Has been Disabled**

Discord Ranking System

Every Text / Voice channel you interact with gains you XP towards special Discord Roles.

Commands : **NEW COMMAND**
“/rank” – Personal Stats Card.✍️TEXT XP / 🎤 VOICE XP
“/Top” – Displays the top channels.

⚠️Commands only work in “🏅・discord⋅ranks” Chat⚠️

✨4 NEW Roles to collect✨

** 🤣・memes・💥” text chat is the only channel with NSFW / Slow mode enabled, it can only be viewed by clicking the “🤣” reaction on the rules page under Support. There is a warning posted “ WARNING! Posts might be controversial.” You are able to remove yourself from the chat by clicking the reaction again.

Discord NSFW Info


TBL Community Rules :

7・Text & Voice Rules: touchy conversations are bound to happen as TBL is an international community, not everyone wants to be involved! Please move to your Personal Voice Channel or Personal Direct Message to keep the server chillllll….. STAY AWAY FROM political, sexual, race, religious, gun violence, gender, disability or topics against TOS in any Voice or Text chat as this is a Cannabis Community not Reddit treat everyone with respect!

Discord Guidelines

Discord Terms and Conditions

TBL Reporting System :

DO NOT Message a Crew Member a Community Complaint, It causes confusion in the crew chats, please use one of the services below!

Report If Anything’s Wrong If you feel unsafe or experience discrimination of any kind while using TBL, report it using our Community Complaint Form or use the “📟・report・📌” text chat under Support.