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[Sticky] Gaia Green Feeding Schedule *UPDATED 2024*

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Gaia Green Cannabis Feeding Schedule

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My Gaia Green Feeding Schedule has become quiet popular online, so I decided to make a dedicated page for it so I can Organize it better.

Here is a short guide on what I do! How-to Top dress / Amend Pots with Gaia Green Nutrients.



I start building my soil with ProMix HP Media or Sunshine mix#4 (Peat Moss, Perlite), add Worm Casting (1-2 Cups per 5 Gallons). I try to build my soil to give me good drainage but not enough to give me a runoff issue so if you need to add some more perlite I'd do 10% max! *Try not to buy premixed / amended soils, they don't seem to work very well for Cannabis!

*If you are reusing your soil it is important to add more Dolomite Limestone (Half Cup per 5 Gallons) to keep soil PH stable and provide Calcium to the plant. 

*If your transplanting into this soil add some Root Multiplier or another Myco based product into the transplant hole

Molasses Mondays : Every Monday I add 1 Tablespoon of Unsulfured Molasses to 8Ls of water and feed to the Veg / Flowering plants. (If I have available, this is the time to add Microbes / Enzymes!) (Stop feeding Molasses 2/3 weeks before harvesting)

VEG Stage


Most of my Seedlings / Cloning systems I use just plain Pro-Mix HP or reused soil, as soon as I put the clones into their 1 Gallon "VEG POTS" I start adding Gaia Green All purpose. I will add 1 Tablespoon to the 1 Gallon pots every 3 weeks(If I veg for 6 weeks, I've added 2 Tablespoons total, 9 weeks I've added 3 Tablespoons, etc).

*Every time I top dress with Gaia Green I also add a Spoon, Scoop of Worm Castings (Important for Microbes & helps reduce the dust when feeding soil!!!)



Transplant Day : DAY 1 FLOWER. I top dress with 2 Tablespoons per Gallon of Gaia Bloom and 1 Cup of Worm casting. Since I am using 4-6 Gallons of Media in my flower pots I add 4-6 Tablespoons. (8-12 Tablespoon Total) *Remember to add your Root Multiplier into the transplant hole!

*Depending on Genetics, Veg soil conditions and Room Environment you might need to add 1 Tablespoon of Gaia All Purpose per Soil gallons to keep up with Nitrogen uptake.

Week 3 Flower : It is now time to top dress your pots! I am using the same ratio as day 1 flower, 2 Tablespoons of Bloom per 1 Gallon of Media along with the 1 Cup of Worm Castings.

*At week 3 flower it is a great time to do your final trim / defoliation of your plant. Remove all the lowers & anything that doesn't see full light. 

Week 6 Flower : SAME AS WEEK 3 & STOP giving the plants Molasses.

Week 9 Flower : If the strain is a longer flowering plant then same as WEEK 3. But if you are planning to harvest around week 10-11. You can stop top dressing now & give it 2 weeks to finish up what is already in the soil. 

*"Sativas" I might add some more Bloom in the later weeks.


I DO NOT "FLUSH" before harvesting

for new growers I recommend using 7-10 Gallon Plastic Pots for easiest & best results!

SOMETIMES I add Epsom Salt "Magnesium" to help with Nutrient Uptake. (NOT SCENTED) 

I DO NOT PH my base water (I feed at 7.6-7.8 using dolomite limestone as a buffer)

I Reuse my Soil, so my Base soil can change slightly.

Anytime you reuse soil, add Dolomite Limestone before potting to help with PH Buffering 

This is for Cannabis plants, but might work for other plants too!

CHECK OUT MY 24/7 Live Stream on Twitch to see this method in action!

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Tons of Growing video on my Youtube aswell!

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