Live Stream




Who We Are

We are Friends, Family, Viewers. We are a Craft Growing community. Derek started TheBudLab “TBL” to showcase to the world the positivity, talent, and knowledge that goes into gardening. We, as a community, will help build your confidence in growing & teach you the knowledge on how to maintain healthy plants. Whether you’re growing indoors or outdoors we have you covered. Make new lifetime friends and socialize with other passionate growers from around the world. Help us End the Stigma today! 

Always Live

That’s right, we’ve been LIVE 24/7 for 5 years! We don’t just read you what the package says, we put it to the test by providing you with a live stream of our Gardens. The community not only learns as a group, we grow as a group.  Tune in to see what Derek & the community are up to today!

Interactive & Fun!

TBL is home to the Worlds 1st remotely controlled grow room. This exclusive setup allows members from all over the world to interact with a variety of different gardening equipment. We are a worldwide community that is legitimately growing & learning together on the same genetics / strains together, Cool eh! Learn more
Lets work together,